One of the many reasons being a ‘Ciao Bella’ is so special is The Annual Ciao Bella Vacation.  While Jacquie never physically got to come on a trip with us, there hasn’t been one we’ve taken that she hasn’t been there.  Never was this truer than in 2009 when we traveled to Haleiwa, Hawaii.  Signs of Jacquie letting us know she was with us were everywhere.  A license plate for a ‘Believer’; a rainbow on the plane ride up to skydive; our Soco & Lime shots at dinner on our night in Waikiki.  The morning we were getting ready to skydive (what does one do to get ready to skydive aside from pray?) the one thing everyone made sure they had before we walked out the door was their Jacquie Bracelet.  We figured, if we’re going to strap ourselves to strangers and leap out of planes, we better have our angel with us.  As you can see, Jacquie was with us, making sure we all made it safely back to the ground.


-The Ciao Bellas