In March 2006, the office and Pro Shop of Greater Buffalo Gymnastics & Fitness Center were completed.  The Pro Shop provides a wide variety of gymnastics and dance apparel as well as accessories, snack, and gifts for all ages.  IMG_1635Soon after its grand opening the Pro Shop became Jacquie’s personal project.  She loved ordering new leotards and gym bags and took special pride in the displays she setup showcasing all of the items.  Even while undergoing treatment at Roswell Park, she would get online to place orders and check on the merchandise sales.

Knowing of Jacquie’s love for the project, it was only fitting for us to rename it after Jacquie’s favorite character, Tinkerbell.  So in December 2008, ‘Tink’s Pro Shop’ was renamed and dedicated to Jacquie’s memory.  Since doing so Tink’s Pro Shop continuously receives donations of new Tinkerbell items which are displayed and sold with all the proceeds going to the Foundation.  To date, Tink’s Pro Shop has raised in excess of $20,435.

IMG_1642Jacquie’s Grandma Bree has picked up the task of tending to Tink’s Pro Shop for Jacquie and works very hard to keep Tink’s Pro Shop on the path Jacquie started.  Please take the time to come visit and see the magic Jacquie created for all of us!