June 2008

Jacquie has been awarded the SUNY Geneseo School of Education Heroine Award!
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June 30th 2008 – The weekend is over and what a weekend it was having Jacquie home. The ride for Roswell on Saturday was a complete success. While Jacquie was in clinic at Roswell receiving blood, 40 riders with team “Jacquie for All” rode various courses to raise over $10,000 for Roswell Park. We had team shirts with We Believe on the front and Jacquie’s beautiful picture on back. Her picture was even on the Channel 2 news. A few riders had some difficulties, one with some pretty serious injuries and each one mentioned that its nothing like what Jacquie goes through each day so pressing on and finishing the ride was the only option. Jacquie had a long and hard day at clinic. She slept most of the day, feeling better for a nice home cooked dinner and a movie later on. Yesterday the weather didn’t cooperate for “Country For a Cure”, a benefit for Jacquie, car & bike show, and a cd release party with a lot of great music. A couple of bands played Mustang Sally in honor of Jacquie (Miss Mustang 2007). Regardless of the weather, we had a nice turnout with many family and friends. The guest of honor was feeling good in the afternoon and came for a couple hours. It was great to see Jacquie enjoy time with so many special people. A relaxing evening and a movie at home rounded out the evening. Today is a sleep in day and off to Roswell for clinic at noon. We should find out the transplant date today or tomorrow and then they will work backwards for her chemo treatments and readmission this week. Please continue your Beliefs as Jacquie closes in on this most difficult journey of even more chemo and a second, more difficult transplant. She will stay the course with all of our hopes, prayers, and support because We Believe,even more now.
Jacquie’s Ride For Roswell Team
Country For a Cure




Today Jacquie was discharged for the weekend. She has until Monday to stay at home with family and friends. Jacquie is still at a very high risk however, her doctors feel that it is important for her to rest up at home in preparation for the months that lie ahead. Normally this is not something they would allow but since Jacquie (aside from her counts being low) is looking good and feeling good she gets to have the weekend off. Her next transplant will be very difficult and more painful than her first one. With that in mind, it is very important that Jacquie has some “time off” from being stuck in the hospital to re-group and mentally prepare to begin her next big fight. At 1:30 this afternoon Jacquie and Sharon walked out of Roswell and were surprised by an entourage of people and cars. We planned a small welcoming reception to greet them and ride home in style. The family, and some friends from the Mustang Club organized a procession and arranged for Jacquie and Sharon to get a very “quick” ride to the house. We are looking forward to some very much needed family time this weekend and hopefully Jacquie will be able to get to some of the events that are in her honor this weekend.



June 26th 2008 – Jacquie will be coming home for a few days. She is still at a very high risk state. However, her Drs. feel we will take the all necessary precautions to keep her safe, especially her BFF MOM, and this at home time, this “semi normal time” will give her a short mental break and help her to gear up for a difficult second transplant. She has been having some great family and friend time lately. She has been getting out to walk in the park and continues to exercise with Kevin the physical therapist. We watched the new show “Wipeout” on Tuesday night and it was so awesome to watch Jacquie laugh and smile. I enjoyed that even more than the show and the show was really hilarious. The only way Jacquie would enjoy it more is if Mike S. was a contestant on that show 🙂 I’m sure he would be ready for it, after the bodybuilding and all. We might be able to have Jacquie stop in at the weekends events – hopefully. Our Ride for Roswell team captained by Chris Heyer is now 35 strong and if we meet our goals, we will raise over $10,000. On Sunday, you can’t miss “Country for a Cure” at Club Paradise, a benefit for Jacquie and Roswell Park. It will be such a fun time – check out Jacquie’s web site for details. Amanda, the lead singer came to Jacquie’s room at Roswell to meet her on Tuesday afternoon and together we watched Amanda’s interview and the band sing two songs on TV. Amanda will also be singing for the starts at the Ride for Roswell.  I can’t tell all our family, friends, and Jacquie’s supporters enough, how great you have all been. It means so much to have your Belief as Jacquie approaches nine months this weekend of fighting leukemia. I am extremely thankful and proud of Jacquie’s character and strength, Sharon’s motherhood (which she has redefined that role each and every day), and TJ’s ability to be the big brother in every sense of the way. The next two months will prove to be her toughest yet. Jacquie continues to need blood and platelets as well as your continued love and support. Our thoughts are the most powerful things we own and your thoughts of WE BELIEVE has proven to give us an immeasurable amount of strength and hope. We thank each of you for your gift of BELIEVING.

June 24th 2008 – It is early Tuesday morning and it has been several days since our last update. Sharon has asked me to do this one. Jacquie had her bone marrow test on Friday with the results and Drs’ meeting yesterday afternoon. It seemed like the longest weekend of our lives waiting for the results of Jacquie’s bone marrow. She has been working so very very hard on doing everything that is asked of her, from meds to exercising to drinking this, then drinking that, eat when she has no appetite. You name it and she has done it. All the hoping, praying, positive thoughts, from the masses of family, friends and strangers, and especially Jacquie’s hard work wasn’t quite enough this time to tip the scales in her favor. The leukemia is still present in her bone marrow and she is not in a second remission. With these results, the opportunity to go back to Sloan where they were going to create leukemia specific “killer” T cells from the donors cells (an experimental procedure but FDA approved) and give them to Jacquie along with a second transplant, is now not an option. She needed to be in remission and stay in remission until the end of August to be able to have this done at Sloan. Instead, Jacquie will stay at Roswell Park and as soon as they make arrangements with the donor, she will undergo even another chemo regiment. This is experimental… not protocol and will then be followed by another transplant. The stipulation is that she has no more than 30% leukemia cells present in her bone marrow prior to transplant. We will know more soon but this all could happen as soon as the next couple weeks. In the mean time keep praying, keep on BELIEVING and keep fighting with us.

June 22th 2008 Jacquie had a better day today. Yesterday began rough as she got sick after breakfast and was tired most of the day. However, today seemed better and she had a visit from her Uncle David who is in town from Philly.  She ate fairly well and was out of bed for a while. Today Jax even got outside…twice. It was such a great feeling to be able to do “normal” things with her. Even just to walk outside in the park at Roswell is a huge step. Something that “normal” people would’nt give a second thought about. But, to be able to see Jacquie outside, enjoying the summer weather and not confined to her room or the hospital, even for just for a few minutes was the greatest sight we have seen in over a month. Each day has brought its own new challenges and new advances. Tomorrow will be no diffrerent. The challenge will be trying to stay calm until 2:00, the advance will be knowing what step is next for us to take. Before you go to sleep tonight say an extra prayer for Jacquie’s test results. She has been through enough already and its time we have some good news. So go to sleep praying and most importanty, go to sleep BELIEVEING



June 20th 2008 The past few days have been tough on Jacquie, tough on all of us. We had expected to hear some news about her coming home but that has not been the case. She has spent four weeks in Roswell so far and we are not really experiencing any good news lately. Jacquie’s feelings of depression, sadness and anger are increasing and so is the amount of questions that we don’t have answers to. The doctors will not let Jacquie come home until her counts begin to come back up, and for some unexplained reason it just is not happening. This may, or may not be a sign that the Leukemia took over Jacquie’s transplant before it had a chance to work. Please pray that this is not the case. Since Jacquie no longer has her own immune system, we can only hope that there is some left inside her from the donor to keep fighting off these cancer cells. Jacquie had another bone marrow test this morning and we will have the results on Monday. This is her first test since the last series of chemo. This test will ultimatly determine Jacquie’s remission status and wheather or not it was effective. We have been told all along that the type of leukemia Jacquie has is very aggressive. It is relentless and it is persistent. It has been since September 28th 2007, and we know that to be true becuase of what Jacquie and all of us has had to endure. Since that time there has always been something that had to be measured, red cell counts, white cell counts, protein, weight, temperature, number of pills, number of doses, number of days and so on and so on. Maybe the most important things in all of this are things that cant be measured. Not with numbers on a piece of paper, not with blood samples and certainly not with numbers on a scale. The most important things are how wide Jacquie’s smile is when shes happy. How loud her laughter is when she hears something funny. How determined she is to meet a challenge. How big the size of her heart is when she opens it up to family, friends, children and strangers. These are more important things than any test could ever show. We can only hope that these, in addition to the emotional and physical pain Jacquie has so bravely endured over the last 9 months is enough to give us the answer we need to hear on Monday morning. We NEED to hear that her bone marrow is clear of Leukemia. period. She has done everything that has been asked of her for so long now without complaining. She has been sick, tired, sad, stuck with needles and confined to hospitals for weeks at a time. All things that nobody deserves, let alone Jacquie. This weekend especially, please let Jacquie know how much support she has. This is a very long and tiring battle for her so when she gets tired, we need to keep up the fight so that she can rest, and then continue on. We will do this for as long as it takes, and wherever it takes us. There is no place too far to travel, no amount of time too long and no amount of money too much for us to stop believing. We all love you very much Jacquie. Even though its only you that the leukemia cells are attacking, its all of us who are fighting back. Stay stong and stay focused. Be determined and be positive. We are ALL here with you.     

‘Cause when push comes to shove
You taste what you’re made of
You might bend ’til you break
‘Cause it’s all you can take
On your knees you look up
Decide you’ve had enough
You get mad, you get strong
Wipe your hands, shake it off,


June 18th 2008  Jax is having a very hard time right now. She is very depressed and frustrated- she wants to go home. She wants to sleep in her own bed. She wants to play with Shelby. She wants to not always be thinking about having cancer. She knows she can’t do any of this yet, but it doesn’t make her stop wishing for it. The change in scenery, going off the floor and outside, has helped a little, but it’s not home. So we wait, and wait and wait some more. I hate it. I hate that we have no answers, no idea of when the “magical” counts will come in. I hate that I can’t say or do anything to let Jax know when we will be taking her home. I feel that as her frustration and saddness increases, so does my anger and feelings of helplessness. I want things too. I want Jax to come home and I want for her to be able to spend time with TJ and Shelby in our home that we have barely lived in. I want to fix this and make it all right. I want to take away the pain that we all feel as we watch Jacquie battle this nightmare. I will KEEP BELIEVING, and I pray that all of you will KEEP BELIEVING with us.



June 16th 2008 We hope all the dads and dads-to-be had a great day yesterday. Torey and TJ came down to the hospital and spent some time with Jax. As part of Torey’s Father’s Day gift- she finished her 330 laps (10 miles) last evening!! She was very tired last night and we made it an early night. Today, she remained very tired and frustrated. She received 2 units of blood, luckily, she had no reaction to either unit. We hope by tomorrow she will start to feel the effects of the blood and be less tired. She was outside in the park on Sunday for a short time, and hopefully will have the energy to go back out there tomorrow. Jax is trying so very hard to eat more but she just has no appetite and no taste for anything. She knows her body needs the proper nutrition, but can’t seem to make herself want to eat. I’m sure once she is home, her appetite will return to normal, but in the meantime, we’re trying everything we can to tweak her appetite. Dr. Lee gave Jax a gift card for Cold Stone Creamery as a reward for making her goal (since her counts aren’t up enough for her to go home yet) We all think he really underestimated Jax’s determination to achieve the goal he set, he thought it would take her longer to do 10 miles….. He really didn’t know who he was dealing with. I wish the leukemia would realize who it is dealing with and get the heck out of Jacquie’s life. KEEP BELIEVING

June 14th 2008  Well, we almost made it to 3 great days in a row. After the past 2 days, we had hoped to keep the trend going, but it was not to be. This morning, Jax had a low platelet count and was scheduled to receive 2 units. The first one came up, with one of those wonderful green tags attached, (THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO OUR UN-NAMED DONOR). After only about 5 minutes into the transfusion, Jax started to cough and become short of breath. She began having trouble breathing, and was having some mid-sternal chest pain. I ran to get the nurse, I thought she might be having a reaction to the platelets. They came in and immediately stopped the infusion, started her on oxygen and gave her some Benedryl through her PICC line. Then she threw up, which made it more difficult for her to catch her breath. In about 6-7 minutes, she was starting to feel relief from the Benedryl and her breathing became easier, the pain in her chest decreased and she began to relax. Once the Benedry kicked in, she went to sleep, and slept for the rest of the morning. She had a little lunch, but remained tired the rest of the day. She and Torey walked for 10 laps this evening- she is now at 302 – 28 laps away from Dr. Lee’s goal. On the plus side for today, he said she would be able to start going outside YEA!!!!!! I hope tomorrow she feels well enough to take a walk in the little park they have here- wouldn’t that be a great gift to Torey for Father’s Day! So tonight will be an early bedtime for Jax, and maybe tomorrow will be a good day. To all the dads, and grandfathers- we wish you all a wonderful day. Celebrate with your loved ones- celebrate life and all the joys in it. Celebrate each day that you are here to share your love, hopes and dreams with the most important people in your life. Life is uncertain, but the one thing you can count on is that it is always the right time to tell someone you love them. KEEP BELIEVING.

June 13th 2008 TWO GREAT DAYS IN A ROW!!!! Jax has been walking around everywhere in the hospital, now that she is allowed off the floor. She has finished 286 laps out of the 330 she needs for Dr. Lee to think about letting her go home (provided her counts are up). As of today, they are still bottomed out, and yesterday she received 2 units of blood but no platelets. We are still hopeful that they will start to rise soon. Yesterday and today Jax entertained a lot of people, friends and family. Although she is tired at the end of the night, it is a very good tired and we are grateful that she is feeling well enough to have visitors and that so many people are coming down to see her. Her spirits continue to improve and her appetite is slowly improving as well. Some of the issues that have been bothering her for so long, are almost non-issues now. Her right side pain is infrequent, and still un-diagnosed. The rash and itching is going away. She has not thrown up for the past two days, and her eyes are much better. It is so great to have her wake up in the morning and smile at me. I feel like I’ve been given a very special gift when she can start the day feeling good. Every good day is a blessing and maybe soon they will out-number the not-so-good days. We finish each day knowing that we are that much closer to the end of this fight. It would be so much easier if we had answers to all of our questions and if we had some type of timetable. But ALL comes with neither of those and therefore, we wait. You all need to know how much easier it is to wait with you beside us. On the days when I feel so overwhelmed, I know that someone out there will let me know that we are all standing together in this fight, and it’s a fight WE WILL WIN. Sara and Sue, your time here was precious to me and gave me strength – Thank You my friends.  KEEP BELIEVING!



June 11th 2008  Today was a little step back from yesterday, but Jacquie is managing to rally tonight. Yesterday was one of the best days Jax has had in a while. She ate well and did 40- yes forty!!!!!!! laps throughout the day. Dr. Lee told Jax that if she does 10 miles (330 laps) she would be ready to go home. Of course, Jax took up the challenge and did as many as she could yesterday. This was in between a unit of platelets and a unit of blood, both directly donated from a family member or friend (THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!) Her counts have not started to come up yet- but they will. Her right side pain is much better, and although it still comes and goes, it’s not as severe and it doesn’t last as long as before. Both of her eyes are clearer, the redness almost gone, but the left eye is still bruised a little. Luckily, her sight has not been affected by any of this. Some of Jax’s electrolytes have been out of the normal limits and the docs have given her meds to adjust them. It is still not known what is causing Jax’s pain, but as long as it continues to lessen, and not get any worse, then we can deal with it. This morning started off rough, with Jax losing her breakfast about 5 minutes after she finished eating, and that hasn’t happened in a while. Then she received her nausea medication which caused her to sleep much of the morning and afternoon. She didn’t eat too well at lunch but managed to do a little better for dinner. We hope tomorrow she’ll be back on track, and be able to tolerate more food. BUT- more good news arrived this afternoon from Dr. Lee. He told Jax she now had permission to leave the floor. YEA!!!!!! (aka – high school hall pass!) This means, that if she is properly masked, she can leave the pediatric floor and go “visiting” other areas of the hospital. It will be best for her to do this later in the day when the hospital is not as busy (after about 5pm). For Jax, this means she can feel as though she has a “get out of jail free” card. Other than going to the second floor for her CATT scans, ultra sounds, X-rays, and PICC line, she has not left her 6th floor (“jail”) since she was admitted on May 23rd. So, this is a big boost for her emotionally, and for all of us. Now we just need her counts to start to rise. Please remember to let us know if you make a donation for Jax at the blood bank so we may post your name on the web site to say thank you. Jax has been having a lot of visitors lately and we thank those of you who come to see her and help lift her spirits. This admission has been very hard for Jax, emotionally as well as physically, and her frustration with this set back sometimes tries to get the best of her. But all of you help her with your support and prayers and we know that without you, this fight would be so much harder. We don’t know what the future holds but we know that with all of you fighting this battle with us, our fight has the best chance of a winning outcome. KEEP BELIEVING.



June 10th 2008 Sorry for the lapse in updates with Jacquie. The last couple days have been going okay. Its hard to get excited right now when so much is a “wait and see what happens” so the Drs. can then deal with some new situation, reaction or side effect. It’s a tough time’ not to be able to countdown something or look forward to having a treatment over, which are a few things to look forward to. I had the pleasure of staying over Saturday night. Jax has been having family and friends come visit a lot more which has been nice. Her appetite hasn’t been so great lately, but she continues to eat what she can. She also has been exercising the last couple days and walking laps around the halls to keep up her strength. According to Dr. Wetzler these two areas, along with her mental attitude are the three most important contributions that she can control in ther recovery from the reinduction chemo and her road to a cure. I must say she works extremely hard at all three of these. Her counts are still down from the chemo, as expected, and all eyes are on when they start going up. She continues to need blood and platelets and so far, all have arrived on her IV pole with a green sticker (a friend or family donating directly to Jax). That’s a warm feeling and very comforting to Jax. Although its not known who the donation is from, it still means very much just knowing thats its from a loved one and not just some stranger – so thanks to all that have donated, it truly means a lot. Her rash and itching from the chemo gets better with each passing day and the mysterious pain in her side that they are unable to explain is better for the most part. We watched a dvd called “Crazy Sexy Cancer” which was quite interesting, and uplifting. A couple of Jaquie’s nurses gave it to her along with the book. The next two weeks will determine if and when Jacquie can come home. Hopefully, being at the Ride for Roswell and “Country for a Cure” at the end of the month are events that are in our reach. Keep those well wishes coming and continue to Believe.



June 7th 2008 – Sat. 10am Hello dear family and friends. The last 2 days have seen some improvement in Jacquie’s health. During the afternoon on Thursday the doctors ordered another echocardiogram to be done. The CATT scan she had had earlier showed some enlargement of her heart and they wanted to check it out. It came back with no abnormal findings, but they decided that she might have received too much fluids which her body couldn’t tolerate. They gave her some medication to help get rid of some of the extra fluid, and it seemed to do it’s job. She has been able to take off the oxygen cannula a little more each day, and is tolerating that well. Hopefully soon she won’t need it at all. She continues to need either a unit of platelets or red blood cells everyday, her counts still bottomed out. According to the doctors, we should start to see an increase in her counts after day 18, so please keep praying that they start to rise. She has been trying to walk in the hall more, and since they changed her pain medication to a Fentenyl patch, her pain is more under control so walking is a little easier. Her appetite is a little better, she’s really trying to take food in, but between the dry mouth and nothing tasting appealing, it’s difficult to get food down. Her new IV line (the PICC line) in her arm is functioning well and is more comforable than the line was that was in her neck, and she is able to be diconnected from the fluids for short periods of time to shower or walk the halls- she really enjoys that freedom! Overall, her spirits are better and she is trying to keep busy when, she isn’t sleeping. She just finished her first project- a really cute Tinkerbell blanket, which she is going to give to one of the children on the floor. She has been watching movies and listening to music too. She is amazing, and yes I know I’ve said that many times before, but each day that goes by makes me more thankful for the strong, determined person she is. I often wonder, when this is behind us- what will she do for an encore? Thank you all for your support, you couldn’t possibly know how much it means to us. KEEP BELIEVING, not only for Jax, but for everyone who is fighting this horrible disease,we MUST find a cure, soon. 



June 5th 2008 – Thursday morning 8:45am. Jax is still sleeping, she had a very restless night. The itching from her rash is still bothersome and the pain in her side continues. Yesterday she went down for a CATT of her chest, abdomen and pelvis, in an attempt to find out the source of her pain. The good news is that there was no sign of a blood clot or infection, the bad news is that we still don’t know what the pain is from. The pain was very bad again yesterday morning, and because of it Jax is unable to take in deep breaths and breathe normally. This is causing a drop in her level of oxygen that is in her blood circulating throughout her body. It is important that her cells and organs get as much oxygen as they need, to keep functioning properly. Therefore, the docs have put her on an oxygen cannula, just a small tube that goes near her nose, to help get her more oxygen. Her counts are still pretty much rock bottom, and she received a unit of blood yesterday. Again, a huge THANK YOU to those of you who are donating in Jax’s name – the little green tags on each unit of platelets and blood mean so very much. Jax did manage to do some laps yesterday with Kevin, the physical therapist and is trying very hard to get in as much activity as possible. It’s difficult right now because her counts are so low, and the pain medication she is receiving (Dilaudid) makes her so tired. I’d like to be able to say her appetite is improving, but except for the lobster on Tues. night, she is hardly eating anything. My heart continues to break at what she is going through, what she is having to deal with. But my heart swells with pride when I see the courage and determination she continues to find inside herself, to keep fighting and o keep moving forward. When this is in our past and Jax has moved on to fulfill her dreams, I will remember what she taught me and so many others about what is important in life, and how to follow your dreams. Jax has always dreamed big and she continues to move toward making her hopes and drams come true. And we will all be there to help her make that happen, as long as we all KEEP BELIEVING.

June 3rd 2008 – Hello friends and family.  I’m writing to update everyone on the past couple days, they have been very difficult days for Jacquie. She has had a number of new problems arise, in addition to the rash, which is a little better, and the stomach problems.  On Sunday, she started having an intermittent pain in her right side, below her ribs. It was a little worse yesterday so the doctors sent her for a chest x-ray, which came back negative (they found nothing on it to attribute the pain to). We also noted that her CVL (the line that she had put in when she was admitted, through which she receives her IV fluids, blood, platelets and medications) was slightly reddened and a little puffy. This could indicate the start of an infection, so the docs said they would keep an eye on it and re-evaluate it in 24 hours. Jax became increasingly depressed and frustrated throughout this time period and her appetite was decreasing. Although she still was taking short walks in the hall, her spirits were low. Her blood counts all remain at the very lowest of levels, which is what the chemo is supposed to do, but is really takes everything out of her. By this morning, things were going from bad to worse. Her right side was more painful, her CVL side was still red and no better than it was, and her platelets were very low. When the doctors made rounds, things got moving. Jax was to have her CVL removed and a new line, called a PICC line, inserted. This line goes into her arm and is threaded up into her heart. It is similar to the line she had, except it doesn’t go in through her neck. The docs also ordered an ultra sound of her abdoman to try to find the source of her pain. Hopefully, we will have those results by tomorrow. To try and take her mind of things, we had a special visit for dinner. A very good friend of ours came in and brought Jacquie a delicious lobster that was specially prepard so that she could have seafood. Although today her spirits remain low and her pain is high, it was nice for her to be able to enjoy the small things that mean so much, like loving company and “normal” food. We will have more information once her test results are back. Tonight, Jacquie was given medication for the pain in her abdomen through her IV and is in bed. Pray that she gets some much needed sleep through the night and is resting comfortably so she can wake up tomorrow stronger and ready to fight another day, and always KEEP BELIEVING.

June 1st 2008 – Last night I had the pleasure of sleeping over while Sharon was able to use her own shower, sleep in a real bed and hang out with Shelby. Of course, Sharon had all the times and medications written down for me to follow and mark off. I must say what a remarkable job she has done all this time keeping track of everything Jacquie has had to take. Between 9pm and 10am we were awaken at least six times for medications, vital signs and rounds. Jax never complained and it amazes me how incredible both Sharon and Jax have done the past eight months. It is said if you want to rest a hospital is not the place to do it. Nevertheless they both continue to do it. One time I woke up to see several tinkerbells floating above me along with the many other balloons from her birthday. It was a nice reminder of the great friends and family we have. The real Tink was resting well 🙂 After sleeping in, Jacquie had a busy day with some friends and family visits. She continues to do well despite the heavy doses of chemo this past week. She will need blood and platelets so if you can donate, it means alot to her knowing it came from a friend. For information about donating just click on blood and platelet donation on Jacquie’s home page. If you haven’t visited Jacquie’s home page recently, please check it out. Many new events are happening – Country for a cure, Ride for Roswell, and watch for a date soon for the 1st Cruise against Cancer (car and motorcycle show /ride).  As I left Roswell today, they had a huge party inside and out for cancer survivors. There was music playing, many activities, tons of people, horses with wagon rides, and much excitement. For a moment I was deeply saddened and tears started to swell up in my eyes thinking that Jacquie wasn’t a part of this important milestone in a cancer patients life. I quickly realized that there goes that damn cancer again messing with my mind and my sadness changed to a big smile as I walked to the parking ramp thinking how we all will be enjoying next years festivities at Roswell and it will probably be warmer outside and certainly alot more fun for everyone attending because Jacquie will be there. Then I walked around the ramp for awhile because I forgot to ask Sharon where she parked the truck. I know for a fact Sharon and Jax will break into a smile when they read this. Hey I only went up and down the first and second floor ramps once and exercise I hear is good for everyone. Your continued thoughts and prayers that We All Believe, has meant the world to us and as times get tougher, our resolve grows ever stronger !!!