Mount_Marcy_From_Mount_HaystackOver the years, many of Jacquie’s friends and family have taken their belief to new heights, literally.  From right here in New York State, all the way to Africa, mountains have been climbed in honor of Jacquie and her courageous fight.

Most recently Torey, TJ, Curt Wenner, and Jim Stoyle climbing Machu Picchu in Peru to honor Jacquie’s memory.  They collectively raised and donated over $6,000 to the Foundation before they made their journey to South America!  Updates from their trip can be found on the Pack, Paddle, Ski website.

More information about each of our past ‘Journey’s’ can be found below.


Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb – February 2013

Climbers:  Marianne Fleming, Torey Hirsch

Total Raised:  $4,701

Mt. Marcy Climb – August 2012

Climbers:  TJ Hirsch, Torey Hirsch, Angela Sommer, Sheryl Fleming, Marianne Fleming, Shannon Pawlowski, Kimberly Bohn-Rudnicki, Christina Falzone, David DePeters, Kerri Fleming, Olivia Rozyicki, Alyssa Martin, Mary Sullivan, Brian Tamburlin

Total Raised:  $18,554

Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb – American Cancer Society Journey of Inspiration

Climbers:  TJ Hirsch, Angela Sommer